Grey Hair Dye

Greying hair is a perfectly natural part of the ageing process, and while a few more bits of salt in your pepper doesn’t necessarily mean you should be drafting your will, silver hairs, like male pattern baldness, can zap your confidence.

If you’re not ready to embrace the grey, then make it disappear. Using dye to conceal greys is a pretty straightforward process so, while a salon treatment is the safest bet, this one can be done easily at home by following a few simple steps.

Provided you’ve got short hair, and your top priority is covering up patches of grey, then look for a colourant that is two shades lighter than the depth of your natural colour and which features an ash tone, e.g. light ash brown. “This will counteract any warmth (the richness of the colour) that may develop during the processing of the colour,” says Scott Cornwall, colouring expert and founder of the Scott Cornwall range.

How to dye male hair in the salon

Dye Hair For Men gray Hair

• Only disguise white hair (faster)

This is the quickest process: it usually lasts 6 to 20 minutes, time that the specific product for partial coverage of whites acts on the hair.
It is worth clarifying that this product is not a hair dye, but a specific toner for gray male hair. Unlike the dye, the toner acts only on the surface of the strands and does not penetrate the hair cuticle (external part of the hair). Why does it matter? Because this type of product will not harm your hair as much.
The effect is quite the opposite: instead of dried hair, you get not only a new color, but also more shine. But beware: color maintenance also needs to be done more often.

• Dye your hair permanently (takes longer)

The initial step is to bleach the hair. In more radical colors, such as platinum male hair, the product can open up to seven shades of difference in relation to the original color of the strands! This product works by opening the cuticles so that the toner that comes next can enter the threads and, in this way, dye them. Some hairs need more than one session to reach the desired tone.

How to dye male hair at home


Nowadays there are several products for you to dye your hair at home,  If you follow all recommendations you will have no Issues. a new technology that has made people’s lives much easier are the Shampoo for gradual darkening, like the one from Menfirst. You just have to change your daily shampoo, the product acts in 5 minutes and must be used daily.

If your idea is to dye in a more traditional and faster way, there are the famous box dyes from Justformen. It is a little riskier, but if you follow the manufacturer’s instructions you will have no problems. Most manufacturers have petroleum jelly to protect the skin and also gloves.